June 14, 2024

C Programming

Do not have programming background? Wanted to learn C Programming? This is the right place. I will try to cover all the concepts of C programming. If you need some clarification or I missed any topics, please let me know. You can write the details in comment section.

Note: I have created a forum to discuss about C topics. If you face any issue while writing the C program, you can view, create a topic under specific category. Here is the link : Forum

What is Algorithm?
What is Programming?
Introduction to C Programming

Environment Setup
Installing C Compiler on Windows OS
Installing C Compiler on Ubuntu OS

Writing the first C Program
Structure of C Program
C Program – Behind the Scene
Tokens in C

C Laboratory
Develop a C Program to Search a String in an Array
Find the Roots of a Quadratic Equation
C Program to Demonstrate the Electricity Meter Charge
Check the number is palindrome or not

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