August 9, 2022

Project Structure

Hello Friends, I have kept the java applications that I have written in my articles in github repository. You can download and use it.

If you wanted to create application on your own, then follow the below steps. Note: You need to download and install jdk 8 or any latest version. Once you install jdk, open command prompt/terminal, type: javac -version
you should see the java version.

Open Eclipse. Create a java Project as mentioned below. At the end, click on Finish button

Once you click on Finish, you will see the below details in Eclipse.

Now right click on src. select New -> Class Mention the below details

Once you click on Finish button, you will see below screen. In the main method, write: System.out.println(“Hello World”);

It is always better to create package, rather than using default package. Package is nothing but a folder structure, where we can place related java classes, interfaces together. Here i have create a class named: ArrayListExample in the package: com.chetasmind.listPackage

Now right click on the application, click on Run as -> Java Application. In the console, you will see hello world.

If you are facing any issue while running the application, or you need more information on any of the steps, please write in comment section.

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