February 23, 2024

Static Website Creation

Hello Friends, This article is mainly for students or any individuals who are new to website development. In this article, I am not writing all the detailed stuff related to static website creation. Instead, this article will work like a Road Map 🙂 Yes…. I know. In Internet, you can get hundred, thousands of learning materials. It may be articles, Youtube Videos, Learning portals, etc..etc.

Then what is the use of this article? Well. I have checked Internet related to “Static Website Creation”. But many of the tutorials were teaching too many things. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, React and so many things. What will happen if you are beginner? You will get frustration after reading all those materials.

My point is simple. Just guide the beginners as and when required. So, please go through my forum topic mentioned below. This is two way activity. Users can register and can reply to others post. You can create new post.

Static Website Creation – ChetasMind

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